6 reasons why I don’t buy internet packages on cruises

I never consider purchasing an internet package when away on a cruise. It quite simply isn’t what I’ve gone away to do, quite the opposite in fact. Below are six reasons why I don’t feel the need to be online when I’m on abroad:

  1. Privacy.

    I’m on holiday and I don’t want anybody to be able to contact me! I can’t think of much worse than reading all of those boring emails about work/bills while on holiday. What is the point is finding out you forgot to do something at work, you’re in the middle of the sea. Not your problem anymore! I find it so much easier to fully unwind when I am unreachable by the rest of the world. I loved relaxing in the conservatory of the Queen Victoria, perfect opportunity to read a ¬†book, something which I very rarely have the time to do on land as my phone is always a distraction.

    cunard queen victoria conservatory

  2. Expensive

    Internet packages are expensive and can be really slow. I can think of 100 things I would prefer to spend the money on. I know cruise ship internet speeds have increased in recent years, but still not enough for my liking. The last time I tried to use the internet on a cruise it took, literally 10 minutes, to open at email. It was painful! Cruises are expensive enough, I’m always looking for areas to save money and this is usually one of them.

  3. Wifi in ports.

    In most ports there are wifi. It’s a little harder to find in ports in the Caribbean admittedly, although I usually manage it. In Europe it is normally not difficult at all, if all else fails there is usually a McDonalds or a Starbucks who’s wifi you can borrow. This normally provides me with enough internet to send a message updating my family about my whereabouts and check my emails for anything REALLY important.
    cunard queen victoria balcony montenegro

  4. European roaming.

    This one may only apply to Europe, not sure if similar ideas apply in the rest of the world but for me (being from the UK) it is much cheaper to buy a phone contract with European roaming than pay for ship Wifi. The mobile network Three offer pay monthly sims which you can use across Europe at no extra cost. This of course doesn’t work when out at sea, but if you’ve got a port intense cruise you’ll rarely be very far from land.

  5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Sometimes it is just nice to let people miss you! Your friends and family will be more interested in hearing about your travels/seeing your photos if you haven’t been snap chatting them the whole time. Nothing worse than showing your friends an amazing sunset photo you’ve taken and them replying with ‘I’ve seen that already’. (Below is me jumping for joy besides the Queen Victoria)girl jumping cunard queen victoria cruise ship

  6. Disconnect!

    There are SO many amazing things to look at on a cruise. I don’t want to have my head stuck in my phone and I wouldn’t want the people I was cruising with to have their heads stuck in theirs. It is brilliant to be able to have an evening without the distraction of phones, I do think it makes for better memories. There is no other opportunity in my life where I am completely disconnected from my phone and the internet. Most land based hotels have Wifi now so even going on holiday doesn’t mean disconnection. In my normal life, my phone is barely away from me for a moment, the only time I put it down is at work when I switch from staring at my phone to staring at a computer.

However, I am aware that I am able to disconnect. I completely understand that if you have small children\elderly parents you may need to keep in touch. I do feel that bad news travels faster than good news though. If something terrible happened I expect bad news would get to me somehow (anybody can phone the ship in an emergency).

If internet came with a booking package I probably would use it to check my emails, but I’m not going to be purchasing one anytime soon. Complete disconnection is one of my favourite parts of cruising.

(See below the phone instructions onboard Cunards Queen Victoria, please all ensure you’ve got that VIBRATOR SETTING set on your phone! This one did make me chuckle)
cunard cruise ship queen victoria mobile phone internet

Do you buy internet packages when onboard? Why? Let me know in the comments.

Emma Le Teace

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