How To Use Tesco Clubcard Points to Buy Cruises

On cruises with Royal Caribbean, P&O and Cunard it is possible to use Tesco Clubcard points to pay for your cruise. The value of the Clubcard points are usually multiplied meaning that £1 worth of Clubcard points will usually pay for more than £1 worth of cruise. Which Cruise Lines Accept Tesco Clubcard Points as […]

Costa Cruises, Drinks Package Guide

I recently took my first Costa cruise and I didn’t purchase a drinks package. If I was to cruise with Costa again I would definitely purchase a package based on my experience of cruising with Costa. Costa Cruises do not include any drinks as standard, even water in the main restaurant is chargeable. What Do […]

7 Benefits of Repositioning Cruises (Tried & Tested)

If you are looking to book a cruise you may have come across ‘repositioning’ cruises. I have been on two repositioning cruises and during this post, we will explore what a repositioning cruise is and look into why so many people love taking them. What is a Repositioning Cruise? A repositioning cruise is a one-off […]