Viking Ocean Cruises: What’s included (12 things)

My first Viking cruise I have just returned from my first Viking ocean cruise onboard the incredible Viking Sea. I was invited by Viking to join them on a portion of their ‘Into the Midnight Sun’ cruise and was blown away by the ship and the itinerary. We did find the midnight sun and it […]

Viking Sea: Into the midnight sun, Norway (2018)

I was lucky enough to be invited by Viking to join them on a portion of their ‘into the midnight sun’ cruise in August 2018. The cruise would take us from Tromso at the top of Norway down to Bergen. This was my first cruise with Viking and I was absolutely blown away by the […]

19 Pros and Cons of Cruises (From 19 Experienced Cruisers)

When considering your first cruise you may feel overwhelmed trying to weigh up the pros and cons. I’ve been on 22 cruises to date and still feel like this on occasion. The pros and cons below have been put together based on my experience of 22 cruises and with the expertise of the members of […]

Can You Bring Alcohol on a Cruise? (Cruise Line Guide)

As a first-time cruiser, you may be wondering if you can bring alcohol on your cruise. I’ve been on 22 cruises to date and have encountered a variety of rules in regards to alcohol. I have put together this guide to simplify the rules of different cruise lines and provide some advice based on my […]

Answering The Webs Most Searched Cruise Questions!

Below are the most searched for cruise questions on the internet. I originally put together this list for a YouTube video but if you’re looking for a quick answer to these questions you’re in the right place. Are cruises… Are cruises safe? Yes! Cruise ships are safe. The priority of all cruise lines is the […]