Cruise Trivia – The Ultimate Cruise Ship Quiz

Each week we are hosting a live cruise based trivia session on my YouTube channel which you’ll find here: Emma Cruises YouTube Channel. All videos are available to watch after the event.

Below you’ll find the questions and answers.

Cruise Trivia, Round 1 Questions

Q1 – Which cruise like attempted to break a world recording by launching a 245 day cruise? Prices starting at $90,000.

Q2 – Which cruise lines luxury expedition yacht comes complete with a submarine and helicopter?

Q3 – Can you bring beer onto a Carnival cruise on Embarkation day?

Q4 – Disney has four cruise ships, name them.

Q5 – On Princess cruises a dessert item is paraded around the dining room on the last night of the cruise, what is the dessert item?

Q6 – The Pride of Aloha from Norwegian Cruise Line changed her name in 2008, what is her current name?

Pride of Aloha Norwegian Sky

Q7 – On Which cruise line will you find this statue?

Costa Luminosa Statue Women in Lobby

Q8 – On which cruise line will you find this cabin?

MSC Meraviglia Cruise Ship Cabin

Q9 – Which cruise line has the solo cruise balcony cabins pictured here?

P&O Cruises Solo Balcony Cabin

Q10 – Celestyal Cruises are a cruise line based in which country?

Celestyal Cruises

Q11 – On which cruise line will you find the beach house speciality restaurant?

The Beach House P&O Cruises

Q12 – Per year, how many cruise ship calls are there in Bergen, Noway?

Q13 – In what year was Norwegian Encore launched?

Norwegian Encore Dining Room

Q14 – The cruise ship Balmoral is owned by which cruise line?

Fred Olsens Balmoral

Q15 – Where was this photo taken?

Tallinn Estonia Cruise Ships

Cruise Trivia, Round 1 Questions

A1 – Viking Ocean Cruises. – A2 – Scenic – A3 – No, Wine only. Find out more here: Can You Bring Alcohol on a Cruise? (Cruise Line Guide) – A4 – Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. – A5 – Baked Alaska – A6 – Norwegian Sky – A7 – Costa Cruises – A8 – MSC Cruises – A9 – P&O Cruises – A10 – Greece – A11 – P&O Cruises – A12 – 326 – A13 – 2019 – A14 – Fred Olsen – A15 – Tallin, Estonia

Cruise Trivia, Round 2 Questions

Q1 – What two colours are on the Cunard funnel?

Q2 – P&O Cruises have a British part and a part based in which other country?

Q3 – Royal Caribbeans Independence of The Seas has two sisters, name them.

Q4 – On which cruise line will you find Eric Lanlard’s afternoon tea?

Q5 – Outside of the US what is the busiest cruise port by passenger numbers?

Q6 – In which city will you find the church of spilled blood?

Q7 – Why are cruise ships MOSTLY white?

Q8 – How many donkeys ‘work’ carrying tourists up and down the steps of Santorini?

Q9 – What was the name of Carnivals first cruise ship?

Q10 – Does the Carnival company have more, or less than 100 ships?

Q11 – Approximately how many cruise ship calls does Southampton (the biggest UK cruise port) have per year?

Q12 – How old is the colosseum in Rome?

Cruise Trivia, Round 2 Answers

A1 – Red and Black – A2 – Australia – A3 – Freedom of The Seas and Liberty of The Seas – A4 – P&O Cruises – A5 – Cozumel – A6 – St Petersburg – A7 – To Reflect Heat – A8 – Approximately 100 – A9 – Mardi Gras – A10 – More – A11 – 500 – A12 – 2000 Years

Cruise Trivia, Round 3 Questions

Q1 – On which cruise line will you find the deepest cruise ship swimming pool?

Q2 – How old do you have to be to cruise with Viking?

Q3 – Royal Princess has a sister ship who doesn’t belong to Princess, who is she?

Q4 – What language do the people of Cuba speak?

Q5 – What is the currency of Jamaica?

Q6 – What is the unit of measurement used to describe the speed of cruise ships?

Q7 – Which cruise line has a partnership with lego?

Q8 – What is the name of Princess cruises mascot teddy bear?

Q9 – In which country will you find Gothenburg?

Q10 – What is the name of MSC Meraviglia’s sister ship?

Q11 – Which countries flag is this?

flag cruise trivia

Q12 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Q13 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Q14 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Q15 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Cruise Trivia, Round 3 Answers

A1 – Royal Caribbean – A2 – 18 – A3 – P&O, Britannia – A4 – Spanish – A5 – Jamaican Dollar – A6 – Knots – A7 – MSC – A8 – Stanley – A9 – Sweden – A10 – MSC Meraviglia – A11 – Greece – A12 – Italy – A13 – Turkey – A14 – USA – A15 – Norway



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