Win a cruise competitions list (December 2019)

We would all like to win a cruise, wouldn’t we? It really does happen! I know a number of people who have won cruises and I am determined to be one of them one day. Every month I enter all of the cruise competitions that I can find so I decided to share them with you so you have a chance of winning too (just bring me if you win!)

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I have even given you, what I believe to be, the answers to the competitions that require one. You don’t have to trust me on these though!

Below are the ‘win a cruise’ competitions still live from November 2019:

You may have already entered these last month, if you did you don’t need to enter again.

Celestyal Cruises – 7 Nights – *** Enter by voting in the Wave Awards, I’m on the list as ‘favourite cruise blogger’ and would massively appreciate your vote. No pressure though! (Closes 30th December) 

Star Clipper – 7 Nights – NO FLIGHTS – Answer: Penang (Closes 13th December) 

Below are the new ‘win a cruise’ competitions for December 2019:

Saga – 14 Night River Cruise – ANSWER: Germany (Closes 8th December)

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